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Learn Scrum from those who created and maintain it.

Meet Ferzeen, your Professional Scrum Trainer™

I love what I do, and my mission is to help others love what they do.

I’m passionate about continuous learning and development, understanding that humans are uniquely capable for growth and change. My most impactful lesson in my career has been that, for any change to stick we must start with the "who", even before the why, what and how. By putting the person first, and centring on values and identity, I am able to foster growth mindsets and continuous improvement habits in complex environments.

I’m an agile coach, scrum master, accredited trainer, transformation consultant, public speaker and accredited life coach. I work with individuals, teams and leaders, at all levels of organisations and in a wide variety of industries, to boost their ability to perform in complexity. I coach individuals to experience professional and personal development in any aspect of their lives.

I consider myself a translator first, mediating understanding between customers, business and technology with ease. I am a mirror second, allowing people to reflect on, explore and leverage their own untapped potential.

Foundation Professional Scrum Courses

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Applied Professional Scrum

Solidify your knowledge of Scrum through practice in and engaging learning environment and an activity based course.

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Professional Scrum Master

Learn Scrum from those who created and maintain it and achieve the globally recognised PSM-I.

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Professional Scrum Product Owner

Learn Product Ownership from those who created the role and achieve the globally recognised PSPO-I certification from

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Advanced Professional Scrum Courses

Further your expertise

Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials

Provide leaders with a strong understanding of how to best support, guide, and coach their teams toward great agility.

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Professional Scrum Master Advanced

An advanced Scrum Master course, designed by Scrum Masters, for Scrum Masters.

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Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced

Master the Product Owner stances, expand your Product Management Skills and understand how to deliver more value to your stakeholders.

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Complementary Practices

Boost your Professional Scrum Capabilities

Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence Based Management

Use customer value and intentional experimentation to systematically improve your product and organisation's performance and strategic goals

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Professional Scrum with Kanban

Apply Kanban Practices and Improve Flow in Professional Scrum, and achieve the globally recognised PSK certification.

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Professional Scrum with User Experience

Bring together discovery and delivery work in a dual-track agile process to deliver more value and improve the outcomes of your Scrum Teams.

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1-Day Skill-Based Courses

Sharpen your Scrum implementation

Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills

Advance your skills as a facilitator and enhance the effectiveness and impact of all your Scrum and Agile events.

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Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills

Learn the tools, techniques and practices required to effectively manage your Product Backlog, and gain PSPBMS certification from

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Combined Courses

Enable side-by-side learning of Scrum's key accountabilities (private delivery only)

Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner

Combine the key learning objectives of both PSM and PSPO in a 3-day course promoting side-by-side learning and alignment between the roles.

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About, the Home of Scrum, was founded by Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber as a mission-based organisation to help people and teams solve complex problems. courses provide a hands-on learning experience led by Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) who are experienced practitioners, vetted for their knowledge and teaching ability, and who go through additional training before they can teach each course. Each PST brings their own real-world experience into the classroom while using a consistent set of learning materials, and undergo ongoing learning to ensure their knowledge and skills are at a high standard. certification tests are globally recognized as tools to examine, enhance, and certify Professional Scrum knowledge.

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