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Meet Aurelien, your ICAgile Instructor

I uncover better ways today to make people excel tomorrow.

Aurelien is an experienced trainer who drives story from his activity as a senior consultant and professional coach helping organisations thrive through innovative ways of working.

By working closely with all levels of leadership and teams, he enables inner growth toward autonomy, designs clever solutions to problems and drives stronger collective successes.

He has extensive experience from having consulted on multiple large scale organisational transformations, having founded and run his own successful businesses, and from coaching small and medium company leaders in business strategy. He regularly coaches people and teams in product design and delivery using modern Lean and Agile practices, principles, and leadership approaches.

ICAgile certified courses

(Re)start and accelerate your Agile journey! Either you are software engineer, part of an enabling team or a leader of your organisation.

Agile Fundamentals

Learn foundational agile topics from a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach. Agile fundamentals (ICP) is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates an understanding of the agile mindset, values, principles, and foundational concepts. Professionals are grounded in what it means to "be agile while doing agile" and achieve organizational agility.

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Business Agility Foundations

Jumpstart the business agility journey with an agile mindset. Learn the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today's innovative business climate and demonstrate an ability to articulate the values, principles, and dimensions of business agility. You will be able to formulate an action plan for applying agility in your workplaces. Be ready to appraise and use a variety of frameworks, tools, and techniques to jumpstart your organizational and individual transformation towards a more responsive, value-driven reality.

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Agile Executive Leadership

For leaders and emerging leaders to develop the agile leadership capabilities and embrace the paradigm shifts needed to lead through continuous change. Understand Power & Influence, Self Awareness & Self-Management as well as Emotional Intelligence in Relationships to develop skills related to personal agility, relationship agility, and leading transformation.

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About ICAgile

ICAgile provides formal, third-party quality assurance of agile courses and course instructors. Courses and instructors that meet their standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best.

ICAgile collaborates with agile thought leaders to develop standards of learning for agile courses. Their Learning Outcomes are internationally-recognized and aligned with the highest industry standards. The globally-recognized certifications they issue to individuals demonstrate competency along Agile learning pathways.

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