Professional Product Discovery and Validation Skills

Better incorporate discovery and validation into your product development process through a number of practices you'll be ready to use out of the classroom.

About this course

Experimentation and collecting evidence are increasingly important in today’s ever-changing business environments.Learning is now a first-class citizen and this course teaches the essential skills needed by product professionals to drive targeted learning. With these skills, you can delight customers while achieving company impacts and controlling risk exposure, thus optimising Return on Investment (ROI). Product discovery and validation focuses the team toward achieving customer outcomes and company impacts.

This one-day skills course is designed for Product Owners, Product Managers, and product teams to enable them to better incorporate discovery and validation into their product development process. Course participants will learn a number of discovery and validation practices that they can use once they leave the classroom. It covers core skills, equally essential for both greenfield scenarios but also the enhancement of existing products. Participants will use an ongoing case study as a way of applying techniques learned throughout the class and be prepared to take what they learn back to their workplace.

Course participants will also learn how to work in iterative cycles to assess what works best for the user. Leveraging product discovery and validation techniques, the course takes a user-centric approach, illustrating how this comes together with development and delivery. Participants learn how discovery, delivery, and validation fit together to lead to an end-to-end empirical approach to product development.

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Course Duration

1 day

Course Learning Objectives

Participants will leave this course with the ability to:

Who should Attend

This course is appropriate for those who are currently working as a Product Owner or Product Manager and are looking for practical ways to increase user value created, make data-informed decisions, and better investments. This course is also suitable for members of product teams looking to incorporate discovery and validation techniques into their processes.

Certification and Assessment

All participants completing the Professional Product Discovery and Validation Skills beta course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Product Discovery and Validation Skills assessment once it is available. PPDV Skills class participants who attempt the PPDV Skills assessment within 14 days of the class and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

Upcoming course dates

12 Jul 2024 (1 day)

9am - 5pm (AEDT)
Virtual class, Zoom and Miro
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