Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced

Master the Product Owner role, expand your Product Management Skills and toolkit, and understand how to deliver more value to your stakeholders by exploring the many stances of a professional Product Owner.

About this course

Do you want to gain a better understanding of what it means to deliver value, and how to express that value inside and outside of your organization?

This Advanced course for experienced Product Owners and Product Managers is a hands-on, activity-based course that focuses on helping you expand their ability to establish a vision, validate your hypotheses, and ultimately deliver more value to your stakeholders.

Through case study exercises combined with instruction from an experienced practitioner, course participants will gain the entrepreneurial product leadership skills and practices critical to growing as a successful Product Owner. Participants should have at least one year of Product Owner experience and a practical knowledge of Scrum in order to participate in, and benefit from, these exercises.

The Product Owner role is multifaceted, requiring those in the role to engage in behaviours and adopt mindsets beyond the core of Agility and the Scrum framework. This course therefore goes beyond fundamental topics and deepens the attendee’s understanding of the role through the exploration of the many stances of a professional Product Owner, which include:

As we explore each stance, the course will enable participants with a plethora of complimentary practices and skills to help them embrace and leverage each stance.

More Info

Course Duration

2 days

Course Learning Objectives

Participants will leave this course with the ability to:

Who should Attend

This course is designed for Product Owners, Product Managers, and Business Analysts focusing heavily on Product Management skills, tools, techniques, and knowledge as part of their work. The course does not address the Scrum framework (much), and we assume people have a proper understanding of the Scrum framework.

Participants should have at least one year of experience as a Product Owner or Product Manager, while multiple years of experience and having attended the Professional Scrum Product Owner course and passing PSPO is preferred, but not mandatory.

Other people that might benefit from the PSPO-A course include Entrepreneurs, Organisational leaders, Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters.

Certification and Assessment

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced course receive a password to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner II (PSPO II) assessment. The industry-recognized PSPO II certification requires a minimum passing score of 85%.

PSPO-A class participants who attempt the PSPO II assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a second attempt at no additional cost.

You are also entitled to a discount on the PSPO III assessment once passing PSPO II.

Upcoming course dates

25–26 Jul 2024

9am - 5pm (AEDT)
Virtual class, Zoom and Miro
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11–12 Sep 2024

9am - 5pm (AEDT)
Virtual class, Zoom and Miro
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