Expand your learning and development journey

Explore fit-for-purpose courses, short-form modules, immersive programs and skills-based workshops.

Redefine the way you learn

Our co-design approach puts your needs and context at the centre of your learning experience.

Learner and practitioner needs are incredibly varied. Some need targeted knowledge and capability uplift, others require broad-based learning, some require certification for career progression and others simply don’t!

This is why we have developed fit-for-purpose training modules and custom learning programs.

You can choose from a wide range of topics from our catalogue, such as user story writing, product backlog management, team self-management or OKRs, or even request your own. These sessions are generally half-day or one-day long, and when you choose a few different modules, they can be delivered at a cadence that suits you and your teams’ needs.

For a more consultative and immersive approach, we can deliver practical, assignment based training programs over 4-12 weeks, or role-based development programs co-designed for your organisation’s context and delivered over a longer time period. Certification can be included as part of these approaches.

All our custom courses are developed based on industry trends, on our experiences as accredited trainers and coaches, and from working directly with clients across APAC putting these lessons into practice.

We believe we know how to help you get started with agile, or reboot your agile journey, without extensive time spent in a classroom. All courses can be delivered either remotely or in-person, and we ensure the engagement and interactivity is always the focus, by making use of modern teaching approaches which maximise knowledge retention.

Chat to us for a free visit or a free remote consultation, so we can design and deliver the very learning and development journey you require.

Mix-and-match infinitely

Make learning a bespoke experience by cherry-picking modules that suit what your people need right now.

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Workshops and brown-bags

Make it a one-off session of 1-2 hours to engage an audience or do some Q&A. Or bring us in for a 45-minute lunch-and-learn or brown bag session.

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Past Requests: Agile in non-software teams, Agile in government, Scrum vs Kanban, Pair Programming...

Bespoke courses

Learn the latest agile tools, techniques and frameworks, without the constraints of certification.

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Past Requests: New Ways Of Working Kick-start, Agile and Scrum Masterclass, Design Thinking Immersion, Engineering Excellence Bootcamp...

Immersion and Accelerator programs

Develop people and teams through role-based, practical and experiential learning programs that will improve and embed agile capabilities across your organisation.

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Previously Delivered: From Managers to Leaders, Scrum Master accelerator program, Product Owner accelerator program, Coaching skills development, Facilitation skills development.

We can observe and understand your context for free

When we refer to custom training, we mean delivering to your very own needs and context. This is why we offer a free consultation; it allows us to observe and understand where your organisation is at before we design or offer any courses or learning programs.

This offer is optional and entirely up to you - however we encourage you to think of this as an opportunity to rely on our experience to bounce and brainstorm ideas, and come up with a clearer understanding of your needs and a tailored plan of action.

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