Agile Executive Leadership

For leaders and emerging leaders to develop the agile leadership capabilities and embrace the paradigm shifts needed to lead through continuous change. Understand Power & Influence, Self Awareness & Self-Management as well as Emotional Intelligence in Relationships to develop skills related to personal agility, relationship agility, and leading transformation.

About this course

Our Executive Agile Leadership course was designed for senior leaders in large or growing organisation in need to understand fundamental knowledge of Agile Leadership and leverage modern management principles for improved business outcomes.

Giving you the executive summary of all things Lean, Agile and Business Agility, the course then focus on building skills and creating behviour changes for the participants. It also covers important topics such as new organisational design and capabilities and how to drive the changes for large and successful adoption of Agility.

More Info

Course Duration

2 days

Course Learning Objectives

Who should Attend

This knowledge-based certification is designed for professionals seeking to learn about the paradigm shifts necessary to lead in adaptive environments and to develop relevant leadership capabilities.

Certification and Assessment

To be eligible for receiving the ICAgile Certified Professional in Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA) certification, participants will have to be engaged in learning and actively participate during the class. An assessment of their understanding of the concepts covered will also be conducted during the course itself.

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