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Navigate complexity by leveraging strategies we’ve vetted across the APAC region.

Consulting with Magic Agile

Organisations need to recognise and respond to new unknowns, and to do so they need to embrace new approaches to solving problems.

Leveraging our extensive experience as agile delivery and transformation consultants across APAC, we help our clients with tailored, pragmatic approaches to grow and evolve their teams and organisations, and to embrace agility in their ways of working.

We help businesses create adaptive organisation design, drive internal change implementations and adopt Lean-Agile approaches. We support teams to reduce friction and dependencies, with the aim of optimising value delivery, thereby gaining the attention of your customers and your investors alike.

Our consultants will establish an outcome and impact based agenda for you that won't waste your time, and will promote sense making, learning and experimentation throughout your organisation, ultimately leaving your people and teams with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to continue to lead and adapt to change.

How we can help

Maturity assessments

Also known as health checks

Make data driven decisions regarding your business and product strategy. We can help you get clarity of your current state of agile, change readiness and technology readiness at any level of the organisation.

  • Business Agility
  • Agile Maturity
  • Change Readiness
  • Culture Connect
  • Technology State

Organisational Change Design and Agile Adoption

As well as Transformations

Learning new ways of working is hard. Unlearning is even harder. Let us help you prepare your people and processes to adopt new technologies and embrace new ways of working.

  • Flexible organisation (re)design
  • Building environments for change
  • Leading change
  • Pilot programs
  • Sustainable strategies
  • Resilience for change

Operational Excellence

Agility and Business Agility

Enable business agility and deliver value to stakeholders and customers alike without restructuring your entire business.

  • Business Agility
  • Agile beyond IT
  • High Performing, self-managing teams
  • DevOps and related Technology strategies
  • Evidence Based Management
  • Portfolio and Program Management

Ready to thrive through complexity?

We’ve helped hundreds of people in organisations across the APAC region build and sustain business agility. And we are open to sharing all our experiments, successes and failures in our journey.

The greatest risk you run right now is not taking the chance to talk to us for a free consultation. Here’s our promise - if you receive no value from our first call, we won’t ask you for a second.

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