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Get unstuck, get moving, get resilient.

Coaching with Magic Agile

We help individuals develop the skills and resilience to establish themselves as a successful enabler of change, be it in a personal context or a professional one.

We help leaders of organisations navigate complexity, get unstuck and demonstrate results through 1:1 and group coaching sessions.

We help embed leadership and coaching capabilities within organisations through role-based coaching and mentoring at all levels of the organisation.

We help entrepreneurs by sharing our expertise in establishing business models, and refining winning product strategies.

We support product teams to innovate, deliver value sustainably, and simply get things done without drowning in mixed priorities.

Let us help you step back, look at the big-picture, think outside the box and make your most important decisions.

Get coached as an individual or as a team

Executives and leadership teams

Leadership coaching

Whether you are executives, members of a board of directors or senior leaders of an organisation, we can enable your leadership stance to evolve so that you can establish the right strategies to enable your business’ agility.

Agile leaders and agile teams

Role-based and agile coaching

From Portfolio Leads to Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Delivery Leads and Managers at any level of an organisation, we help you develop the skills you need so you can build the environment to get your teams to high performance. We can also step in as agile coaches and scrum masters for your teams so you can learn from us, then sustain the practice yourselves.

Entrepreneurs and SME Owners

Entrepreneurship and business coaching

Are you a founder, a solopreneur, or duo-preneurs building a business? Are you experiencing insufficient growth and need some business development support - or perhaps growth beyond your expectations and need some business strategy support? We’ve got your back!

Is coaching the right thing for me or my team?

As certified coaches, we are confident in our ability to adapt our coaching style to meet with your or your team’s needs, whatever those may be. The beauty of coaching lies in that it unlocks the potential you have within yourselves.

We have successfully coached for personal and professional high performance, individuals one-on-one and groups of people in group sessions, technology teams and non-technology teams, and people across diverse backgrounds –and no two experiences have ever looked the same.

We can create dedicated programs with clear milestones that will help you grow as an individual in a personal context or a professional role. We can have more lighthearted conversations where we plan some experiments and move forward only at the pace and frequency that you enjoy. We can combine coaching with mentoring to give you specific tools and practices that you can try out immediately.

No matter your or your teams’ preferences, we will always ask for regular feedback on our coaching relationship and whether it needs to continue, to evolve or even whether it has reached its logical end.

Before you dive in, we highly recommend you sign up for a free chemistry session –no, not a laboratory one– but a call where we get to discuss you or your teams’ needs and decide not just whether coaching is right for you, but whether we are right for you.

Book a free chemistry session

If what you need is actually a more advisory approach to whatever challenges you are facing, check out our consulting services.

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